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Dr. Perry has been certified as a stepfamily coach by the Stepfamily Foundation, the worlds leading authority on stepfamilies. Stepfamilies are more common now than ever before, if you aren’t already in a stepfamily, odds are, you know someone who is. Stepfamilies are challenging, but can overcome the odds! Let us help!


Through the coaching experience, you are taught:

  • How to gain the respect of your stepchildren and they you.

  • How to understand each ‘playing member’ in your stepfamily.

  • How to gain a greater understanding of one’s ‘place and role’ in your family.

  • How to navigate the numerous transitions, including the transition day (we lovingly refer to this time as a Transition Daze™️) where your child prepares to come to your home, or leave for the other custodial parent.

  • Dr. Perry is happy to have sessions with family members individually, stepparents and their stepchild, biological parents and their stepchild, or biological parents and their biological child. 


Coaching Format​


On the first day we meet, I will do what is called an intake; during this first meeting, we can discuss all of the players in your stepfamily;  and what you desire the most for your stepfamily whether it has already been joined, or will be in the future.


Providing we are a good fit for one another, the education/coaching sessions will begin. Sessions are 50 minutes long, and are typically once per week. The education/coaching sessions are customized to fit within the time-frame or goals you have in mind for your family.


Discussions, and family exercises will keep you engaged in the process of gaining a greater knowledge of your own family unit; but, will also serve to create a safe place for you to work through common stepfamily processes while gaining the knowledge to conquer tough times, celebrate great times or make preparations for both. Some coaching participants come in several times a week, with various members of the stepfamily.

For more information, you can visit:, you can also reach Dr. Perry directly through email or text at 562-682-6038

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