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Dr. Richard (Rick) Fraser holds advanced degrees in sociology, theology, and marriage and family therapy. He received his training from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Dr. Fraser is currently on faculty at CSU Los Angeles and adjuncts at Fuller Theological Seminary. Dr. Fraser serves as a court-appointed mediator, Special Master, and a parent coordinator of the Los Angeles Superior Court System for high conflict divorce and high-conflict parenting negotiations.



Dr. Charity Perry holds advanced degrees in sociology and marriage and family therapy, and is considered to be the national expert on the 'Transition Day' in Blended Families, and is also a leading expert in the field of blended families and stepfamilies in Southern California. Dr. Perry has also been certified as a stepfamily coach by the worlds leading authority on stepfamilies, The Stepfamily Foundation.


Dr. Perry has childhood and adult teaching experience from both private and state educational institutions and is currently on faculty at California State University, Los Angeles. Dr. Perry is most revered for her focus on Blended Families and Stepfamilies with her area of expertise  on the transition day, the time children prepare to leave one custodial home for another, or vice-versa. Dr. Perry has published numerous qualitative studies in peer-reviewed academic journals highlighting this particular day. Dr. Perry refers to the 'Transition Day' as the ''Transition Daze©," a term she coined in her scholarly work. Dr. Perry wants stepfamilies not only to survive, but thrive! For more info on Dr. Perry’s expertise, visit:

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