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The Purpose of Psychotherapy is

To Set People Free

Specializing in Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, High Conflict Divorce, and Stepfamilies

Family Therapy

Our goal is to help individuals increase their awareness and esteem through a combination of insight, reflection and acceptance. We are dedicated to help enhance every aspect of an individual’s personal relationships and professional lives. Wherever you are on your journey, we can meet you there and desire to see you reach your fullest potential.

Couples Therapy

We express ourselves using the communication tools that have been effective for us over our lifetime. In many cases these abilities have not only helped us to achieve our successes but have been the very source of our survival. Our goal for Couples Therapy is to create and develop tools for communication that individuals may be better understood not only in times of crises; but, any setting.

Many divorces fall under the category as being a ‘High-Conflict’ divorce. Scholarship for the last 20 years has indicated that regardless of intervention strategies, 10-20% of all divorces will end with a high amount of animosity between divorcing parties.


Partners who cannot come to agreements should have an unbiased and experienced observer to facilitate discussions. Oftentimes, what is disagreed about is indicative of deeper unspoken concerns that may be addressed within the context of a safe environment. The ability to create a healthy dialogue between partners facilitates not only the current mediated agreement but, also provides a secure and healthy model for children who may be involved and are the most effected by the agreements. Providing psychological insight and in-depth analysis to the impasse, greatly facilitates the growth of each participant.

The ability to create a healthy dialogue between individual family members facilities a healthy environment in which your family can thrive and grow strong. Providing psychological insight and in-depth analysis to existing or possible future impasses can greatly facilitate the creation of strong relationships between each participant.


Blended families come with their own unique set of challenges…and their own unique opportunities too! We provide a whole family approach to help individuals come together and redefine their purpose in a new framework for family.

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